Online 5 Webinar Programme

More Free Time

By having more Free time you can enjoy the good things in life, like more time with family, children, friends, shopping and travelling. A work-life balance is crucial and this will allow you to enjoy your time with children on a daily basis.

Work Less

By learning the methods and strategies you can easily reduce misbehaviour, follow a strategic plan, and ensure you you focus on the deliverables which ensure student progress and all students reach their outcomes.

More Money

Many teachers follow the same routine day in day out and do not progress, with better salaries and are valued in what they do. We show you simple techniques that transform you as a teacher / person so that you are valued and achieve that deserved promotion

I am sure you have by now watched our FREE webinar and benefitted from the information provided. 

Ask yourself:

Why would you want to become a teacher?

Have you struggled with managing behaviour or overloaded with too many students?

Are you stressed, burnt out with the amount of planning and marking?

Are you frustrated with your career and need guidance and direction?

Then you need guidance and professional development support. 

What is and why the need for Professional Development?

  • keep their knowledge and skills as teachers up-to-date and be self-critical;
  • take responsibility for improving teaching through appropriate professional development, responding to advice and feedback from colleagues;
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how pupils learn and how this has an impact on teaching;
  • have a secure knowledge of the relevant subject(s) and curriculum areas;
  • reflect systematically on the effectiveness of lessons and approaches to teaching; and
  • know and understand how to assess the relevant subject and curriculum areas.

Terms and conditions apply. Limited spaces available, First come first serve basis.

So if you would like to be trained by Academica Mentoring then:

This is what we give you?

5 Session Teacher Training Masterclass

The 5-session teacher training masterclass of blended learning sessions makes use of a range of teaching and learning methods which includes audio-visual, group participation, experiential and online learning supported by a dynamic presenter demonstrations.

What do we cover in the 5 sessions – OVERVIEW
Session 1: Teacher Standards and Lesson Planning

Session 2: Behaviour Management

Session 3: Effective Differentiation in the lessons

Session 4: The Perfect Lesson

Session 5: Professional Development Portfolio


Further Information:
Limited to 20 only.

You will also receive FREE 1-2-1 coaching and Skype/zoom sessions.
Free support and consultations.
Free masterclass resources.
Free certification
And a chance to enrol on our new course starting January, 2019.

We give you all of the above for £297.
Terms and conditions apply.
+ 447725 974831


In this training session we will be highlighting key aspects of outstanding teaching, teaching and learning strategies and how to become a better teacher. This should be as part of your ongoing CPD.

For those who are interested in our teacher training programmes we will be holding a bonus section to explain further how anyone you can become an outstanding teacher.

Further Information:
Q & A (certification)
Costs £297 subject to T & C
+ 447725 974831


“Your first opening question changed my perspective on things entirely. Real insight and complete focus. This was an extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session and I look forward to start implementing some of the techniques I’ve learned into practice straight away. Thank you for sharing an inspiring learning experience. Would I recommend this course? Unequivocally to any academic”.

“I am so glad to attend the course, it was brilliant in all aspects”.

“The event was an excellent opportunity for the teachers of the community. The content was incredibly beneficial and the teacher was exceptionally knowledgeable. The topics discussed were essential, and a lot was studied in a short amount of time. The event was brief but comprehensive. The event itself was incredibly organised and the structure of the content was systematic. Overall, the event was very useful and no doubt we all left with some extremely useful tips and advice”.

“The training was very informative. I really enjoyed some of the psychological concepts covered. It was an eye opener on many new concepts and strategies to be used during teaching”.

“Wonderful eye opener for teachers at all stages of their profession. Good way to keep updated on the latest developments in teaching”.

“Was a great event and shows the credibility of the standards of all other modules. It is worth an investment for the holistic development of the school”.

“It was very inspiring and motivating to become an excellent teacher. It did give a lot of helpful tips”.

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