Religious Education

Brilliant selection of nasheeds for the family/kids in class:
  1. SubhanAllah by Wahid v=wXJFl8qXC54 – South Africa’s famous ‘boy band’ nasheed group. They perform human beat boxing towards the end. It’s an incredible song of just a few very powerful words.
    nasheed, no instruments used. just beat boxing and vocals(dhikr)
  2. Qasida Muhammadiya http://naderkhan. com/discography/water/ – by our very own Sidi Nader Khan of Toronto. This is just a sample (you need to buy the album for the full version) but it’s enough to get them really interested in him as an artist
    After working on this selection of songs for six and a half years, I’m incredibly excited and grateful to be able to share them with you. This album reflects a …
  3. Take my Hand watch?v=pmGOmKLmI6I – this is Sidi Nader’s first hit that put him on the map. Kuwaiti kids can appreciate the theme of helping a brother in need
  4. Talib al-Habib. I’m sure you’ve heard of this talib ul-ilm and friend of the ikhwan. He is the ultimate in halal nasheeds. Perhaps should have put him first. com/watch?v=NtsqV_2xT-k
    As-Salaam-Alaikum Brothers & Sisters – JazakAllahu Khair for visiting the Channel, Don’t Forget to Like, Share and Subscribe, in sha ALLAH Remember that the Qur’aan …


    Track Name: Take My Hand Artist: Nader Khan Album: Take My Hand Subscribe to NasheedBox for more Nasheeds.

    5. Finally, a video you might want to share with the late Junaid Jamshed (make sure you mention how he converted from rock stardom to bearded Tablighi wonder) rahmatullah alaih and Native Deen. This is a great visual example of Muslims dressed in Sunnah looking cool and singing very well: watch?v=1ZpN1ebXgCE

Junaid Jamshed (Previously in the group “Vital Signs”) teams up with Native Deen to produce the hit song “Subhanallah”. (Voice Only) Lyrics below: ***LYRICS …

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